Z Nation season-4

Z Nation Season 4 watch stream online free in english

Murphy and Warren find themselves alive in Zona, a zombie free playground for billionaires. Meanwhile, the rest of our heroes are fighting alongside the last of the humans against the mutated Zombie Virus and the unkillable “MAD-Z's.” Warren's mysterious dream of a black rainbow and flesh-eating black rain propels the season forward and puts our heroes in the middle of an even worse Zompocalypse.


Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Keith Allan Kellita Smith Anastasia Baranova Nat Zang Russell Hodgkinson DJ Qualls Pisay Pao and 4 others

1 Warren's Dream
2 Escape from Zona
3 The Vanishing
4 A New Mission: Keep Moving
5 The Unknowns
6 Back From the Undead
7 Warren's Wedding
8 Crisis of Faith
9 We Interrupt This Program
10 Frenemies
11 Return to Mercy Labs
12 Mt. Weather
13 The Black Rainbow