Victoria series-2

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Resuming one month after the first series ended, series two establishes Victoria as a working mother, learning to balance her responsibilities as both parent and Queen. However, Prince Albert is still struggling to find a role for himself alongside his powerful wife as she returns to her duties, intent on proving that she can be both a mother and dedicated Queen.



Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Jenna Coleman Tom Hughes Diana Rigg Nell Hudson Ferdinand Kingsley Daniela Holtz Adrian Schiller Tommy Knight Tilly Steele Bebe Cave and 7 others

1 A Soldier's Daughter
2 The Green-Eyed Monster
3 Warp and Weft
4 The Sins of the Father
5 Entente Cordiale
6 Faith, Hope and Charity
7 The King Over the Water
8 The Luxury of Conscience