The Tudors season-4

The Tudors Season 4 watch stream online free in english

Henry's marriage to randy, unfaithful teenager Catherine Howard ends in her swift execution, but he finds domestic tranquility at last with the steady Catherine Parr; a war with France and Brandon's death signal Henry's waning days.


Drama Romance History

Production Year

2010 - Unknown


Jonathan Rhys Meyers Henry Cavill Sarah Bolger Max Brown Joss Stone David O'Hara Lothaire Bluteau Joely Richardson Tamzin Merchant Torrance Coombs Anthony Brophy Laoise Murray Eoin Murtagh Jake Hathaway Andrew McNair Simon Ward and 13 others

Ex Producer

James Flynn Benjamin Silverman Michael Hirst Sheila Hockin Morgan O'Sullivan Teri Weinberg Tim Bevan Eric Fellner and 5 others


Frank Moiselle Nuala Moiselle

1 Moment of Nostalgia
2 Sister
3 Something For You
4 Natural Ally
5 Bottom Of The Pot
6 You Have My Permission
7 Sixth And The Final Wife
8 As It Should Be
9 Secrets of the Heart
10 Death of a Monarchy