13 Reasons Why season-2 The Third Polaroid

13 Reasons Why Season 2 The Third Polaroid watch stream online free in english

Alex blows up at Bryce. Someone blackmails Marcus. Clay testifies about a night he and Hannah spent together. Jessica experiences a flashback.


Drama Mystery

Production Year

2018 - Unbekannt


Memories of Hannah haunt Clay as a lawsuit against the school goes to trial, and more startling secrets emerge as the students testify.

1. The First Polaroid
2. Two Girls Kissing
3. The Drunk Slut
4. The Second Polaroid
5. The Chalk Machine
6. The Smile at the End of the Dock
7. The Third Polaroid
8. The Little Girl
9. The Missing Page
10. Smile, Bitches
11. Bryce and Chloe
12. The Box of Polaroids
13. Bye