The Magicians season-3

The Magicians Season 3 watch stream online free in english

Magic is Gone. Penny has a death sentence, Alice is being hunted, and the Fillorian royalty is in all sorts of jeopardy. Despite these and other more personal concerns, the loss of magic compels everyone on a “unified quest” that will take them across worlds and to the high seas to restore magic.


Drama Fantasy Horror

Production Year

2018 - Unknown


Jason Ralph Olivia Taylor Dudley Arjun Gupta Stella Maeve Jade Tailor Hale Appleman Summer Bishil Trevor Einhorn Brittany Curran and 6 others

1 The Tale of the Seven Keys
2 Heroes and Morons
3 The Losses of Magic
4 Be the Penny
5 A Life in the Day
6 Do You Like Teeth?
7 Poached Eggs
8 Six Short Stories About Magic
9 All That Josh
10 The Art of the Deal
11 Twenty-Three
12 The Fillorian Candidate
13 Will You Play with Me?