The Magicians season-2

The Magicians Season 2 watch stream online free in english

Magic is dying. With our characters transported to the magical kingdom of Fillory - and named Kings and Queens of the land to boot - can they save magic? Oh, and there's still the Beast to deal with, don't forget. Meanwhile, Julia is on a no-holds-barred revenge quest against the evil God that attacked her.


Drama Fantasy Horror

Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Jason Ralph Olivia Taylor Dudley Arjun Gupta Stella Maeve Jade Tailor Hale Appleman Summer Bishil Rick Worthy and 5 others

1 Knight of Crowns
2 Hotel Spa Potions
3 Divine Elimination
4 The Flying Forest
5 Cheat Day
6 The Cock Barrens
7 Plan B
8 Word As Bond
9 Lesser Evils
10 The Girl Who Told Time
11 The Rattening
12 Ramifications
13 We Have Brought You Little Cakes