The Magicians season-1

The Magicians Season 1 watch stream online free in english

Quentin Coldwater arrives at Brakebills University, a school dedicated to training Magicians. There, he and fellow students Alice, Penny, Margo and Eliot hone their skills, test their mettle and form new (and often times, problematic) relationships, all while facing a dangerous and deadly threat from a magical world. Meanwhile, Quentin's friend Julia - rejected from Brakebills - pursues magic on her own down a dark, often dangerous, path.


Drama Fantasy Horror

Production Year

2015 - Unknown


Jason Ralph Olivia Taylor Dudley Arjun Gupta Stella Maeve Jade Tailor Hale Appleman Summer Bishil Rick Worthy Oliver Bell and 6 others

Ex Producer

Sera Gamble

1 Unauthorized Magic
2 The Source of Magic
3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
4 The World in the Walls
5 Mendings, Major and Minor
6 Impractical Applications
7 The Mayakovsky Circumstance
8 The Strangled Heart
9 The Writing Room
10 Homecoming
11 Remedial Battle Magic
12 Thirty-Nine Graves
13 Have You Brought Me Little Cakes