The Crown season-2

The Crown Season 2 watch stream online free in english

As a new era begins, Queen Elizabeth struggles to navigate a world that's changing around her while preserving both the monarchy and her marriage.



Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Claire Foy Matt Smith Vanessa Kirby Victoria Hamilton John Lithgow Jared Harris Jeremy Northam Pip Torrens Will Keen James Hillier Gala Gordon and 8 others

Ex Producer

Stephen Daldry Allie Goss Andy Harries Suzanne Mackie Philip Martin Peter Morgan Tanya Seghatchian Matthew Byam-Shaw and 5 others

1 Misadventure
2 A Company of Men
3 Lisbon
4 Beryl
5 Marionettes
6 Vergangenheit
7 Matrimonium
8 Dear Mrs. Kennedy
9 Paterfamilias
10 Mystery Man