Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season-1

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 watch stream online free in english

The series picks up four years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day with John and Sarah Connor trying to stay under-the-radar from the government, as they plot to destroy the computer network, Skynet, in hopes of preventing Armageddon.


Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Production Year

2008 - Unknown


Lena Headey Thomas Dekker Summer Glau Richard T. Jones and 1 others


Gayle Pillsbury

1 Pilot
2 Gnothi Seauton
3 The Turk
4 Heavy Metal
5 Queen's Gambit
6 Dungeons & Dragons
7 The Demon Hand
8 Vick's Chip (1)
9 What He Beheld (2)