Suits season-7

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Now that Mike is officially recognized as a lawyer and has accepted Harvey’s offer to return to the firm, Season 7 will see the team back together again at Pearson Specter Litt - each dealing with their own struggles as they adjust to a new world order without Jessica .



Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Patrick J. Adams Gabriel Macht Rick Hoffman Sarah Rafferty Meghan Markle and 2 others

1 Skin in the Game
2 The Statue
3 Mudmare
4 Divide and Conquer
5 Brooklyn Housing
6 Home to Roost
7 Full Disclosure
8 100
9 Shame
10 Donna
11 Hard Truths
12 Bad Man
13 Inevitable
14 Pulling the Goalie
15 Tiny Violin
16 Good-Bye