Reign season-2

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The second season of Reign begins with Mary and Francis on the throne of a nation burning. France is rocked by the aftereffects of the plague, a disease that creeps inside the castle walls, taking thousands upon thousands of lives across the land, and ravages the stability of a nation. From the ashes, powerful lords will rise, carrying out personal, religious and political vendettas, taking lives, and tearing at Mary and Francis's commitment to each other, and their people. Friendships will be tested, loved ones murdered and betrayed. Meanwhile, a mysterious and deadly threat snatches victims from village streets and castle corridors; leaving evidence of savagery that looks like the work of monsters; mythical creatures who are the subject of nightmares, but who walk among us, doing the Devil's bidding.


Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Production Year

2014 - Unknown


Adelaide Kane Toby Regbo Megan Follows Torrance Coombs Jonathan Keltz Caitlin Stasey Sean Teale Celina Sinden Craig Parker Anna Popplewell Rose Williams and 8 others

1 The Plague
2 Drawn and Quartered
3 Coronation
4 The Lamb and the Slaughter
5 Blood for Blood
6 Three Queens
7 The Prince of the Blood
8 Terror of the Faithful
9 Acts of War
10 Mercy
11 Getaway
12 Banished
13 Sins of the Past
14 The End of Mourning
15 Forbidden
16 Tasting Revenge
17 Tempting Fate
18 Reversal of Fortune
19 Abandoned
20 Fugitive
21 The Siege
22 Burn