Community Rules

These rules are mandatory for all guests, as well as registered users. In the event of a violation of the rules, a warning or exile may be issued, depending on the severity, frequency or assessment of the respective team member.

1st Chat

The chat is intended for orderly communication with the administration, moderation and other users. Remember, when you communicate online, you only see a computer screen in front of you, but you still talk to real people. So, if you're talking to someone, ask yourself, "Would I say that directly to someone's face?". So behave like the kind and civilized people you were hopefully brought up with.

To ensure a smooth and peaceful conversation, the following is prohibited:

rules regarding "personal contacts"

Responding to Violations

For violations of the above rules, the team reserves the right to impose the following sanctions and "penalties" against the user:

The penalties and penalties chosen and imposed are at the discretion of the respective team members.
If you have a problem with a penalty, feel free to contact a team member in a calm, well-mannered and appropriate manner.

second Help

    On Burning Series, there are several ways to help actively improve the series repertoire. You can submit series proposals or descriptions for series     and will propose episodes and covers. Descriptions should be succinctly summary, error-free and without spoilers. Cover must be submitted in the format 3: 5 and     may only be proposed against more current covers, but not at will.     Abuse of these features will also be penalized.

    Many of these options require review by a team member upon submission. It would be a waste of precious time to provide these with false information or spam too     harass. Even with things that do not need to be checked, wrong information can be traced back and punished accordingly.

third Software error

If a bug is found on Burning Series, it should be reported immediately in a private message to an administrator. It is not allowed to exploit errors for your own benefit.