Lucifer season-3 Quintessential Deckerstar

Lucifer Season 3 Quintessential Deckerstar watch stream online free in english

When Lucifer and Chloe investigate the death of a woman, they discover that they may be pursuing the wrong suspect. Then, Charlotte risks her safety when she decides to take matters into her own hands.


Crime Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Production Year

2017 - Unbekannt


As Season Two came to a close, Lucifer took care of a little problem called Mom, aka Charlotte. But now he’s facing an even greater challenge – finding out who kidnapped him, and why his angel wings are back.

1. They're Back, Aren't They?
2. The One with the Baby Carrot
3. Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith
4. What Would Lucifer Do?
5. Welcome back, Charlotte Richards
6. Vegas With Some Radish
7. Off the Record
8. Chloe Does Lucifer
9. The Sinnerman
10. The Sin Bin
11. City of Angels?
12. All About Her
13. Til Death Do Us Part
14. My Brother's Keeper
15. High School Poppycock
16. Infernal Guinea Pig
17. Let Pinhead Sing!
18. The Last Heartbreak
19. Orange Is the New Maze
20. The Angel of San Bernardino
21. Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better
22. All Hands on Decker
23. Quintessential Deckerstar
24. A Devil of My Word
25. Boo Normal
26. Once Upon a Time