Private Eyes season-2

Private Eyes Season 2 watch stream online free in english

Matt Shade irrevocably changed his life when he decided to team up with fierce PI Angie Everett. Now, this dynamic duo has found their rhythm both on and off the case. They still view the world through different lenses, but have learned to use each other’s strengths to their mutual advantage…mostly. With their new equal partnership comes a booming business, and they opt to hire an assistant in the form of quirky Zoe Chow.


Drama Crime

Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Jason Priestley Cindy Sampson Ennis Esmer Barry Flatman Jordyn Negri Clé Bennett and 3 others

1 The Extra Mile
2 Boardwalk Empire
3 The Frame Job
4 Fashion Crimes
5 Now You See Her...
6 The PI Code
7 Between a Doc and a Hard Place
8 Six Feet Blunder
9 The Good Soldier
10 Kissing the Canvas
11 Live The King Long
12 Getaway With Murder
13 A Fare to Remember
14 Finding Leroy
15 The Hills Have Eyes
16 Look Who's Stalking
17 Brew the Right Thing
18 Shadow of Doubt