Person of Interest season-3

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The team suffers a devastating loss and confront staggering challenges. Adapting to the next evolution of The Machine, now completely self-governed and hidden from all, Finch and Reese team with rogue agent Sameen Shaw to save lives and seek justice, but their missions now threaten to tear them apart. Joss Carter and Lionel Fusco finally unravel the criminal police conspiracy "HR" - but at a tragic cost. And former cyber-enemy — and now highly tuned confederate of The Machine — Root becomes an unpredictable ally when the team learns a second surveillance apparatus to rival The Machine is on the verge of activation.


Drama Mystery Action Adventure

Production Year

2013 - Unknown


Jim Caviezel Michael Emerson Kevin Chapman Taraji P. Henson Amy Acker Sarah Shahi and 3 others

Ex Producer

Bryan Burk J.J. Abrams Jonathan Nolan Greg Plageman and 1 others

1 Liberty
2 Nothing to Hide
3 Lady Killer
4 Reasonable Doubt
5 Razgovor
6 Mors Praematura
7 The Perfect Mark
8 Endgame
9 The Crossing
10 The Devil's Share
11 Lethe (1)
12 Aletheia (2)
13 4C
14 Provenance
15 Last Call
16 RAM
18 Allegiance
19 Most Likely To...
20 Death Benefit
21 Beta
22 A House Divided
23 Deus Ex Machina