Heartbeat season-1 Outsiders

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A caravan of circus-folk, the Laszlos arrives in Aidensfield and camps on the village green. The locals are angry about it and demand that these unwelcome visitors leave. The vicar's daughter, Anna meanwhile falls for one of campers, the young and handsome Milos Laszlo. This angers her wealthy fiancée, Jamie Hunter. Nick then receives allegations of theft against the Lazslos and Nick goes to the caravan to investigate. Nick hears that there is a sick man in the caravan and later discovers the man has cancer and has 'returned' home to his birthplace to die. The church's safe is then broken into and Milos then becomes the prime suspect after his scarf is found at the scene. Greengrass, an old friend of the Lazslos then informs Nick that he saw Jamie Hunter pick the scarf up and Nick realizes Hunter must have been responsible for the break in. The Lazslos then leave, with Anna after realizing they are not welcome anymore.


Drama Crime

Production Year

1992 - Unbekannt


Set during the 1960s in the fictional North Yorkshire village of Aidensfield, this enduringly popular series interweaves crime and medical storylines.

1. Changing Places
2. Fruits of the Earth
3. Rumours
4. Playing with Fire
5. Nowt But a Prank
6. Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
7. Face Value
8. Outsiders
9. Primal Instinct
10. Keep on Running