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New Worlds is a gripping 4 part mini series dealing with love, loss and the human price paid for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today. We follow the fortunes of four young people - Beth, Hope, Abe and Ned - from across both sides of the Atlantic, caught up in these turbulent times. We see them struggle as they are torn between love and ideals in the harsh reality of the changing world. In England, the restored monarchy of Charles II has betrayed its promises and reverted to tyranny. Behind the decadence of the Court, a terror machine is repressing the freedoms won for the people with so much blood during the Civil War of England when Charles I was executed. In America, the tentacles of state terror reach the English colonists of New England who are struggling to throw off the shackles of the English Crown. At the same time the colonists are ruthlessly staking their claim to the territories occupied by the Native American Indians, and shedding much of the American Indian's blood in the process - in a chilling echo of the tyrannical behaviour that they sought to escape from when they crossed the Atlantic



Production Year

2014 - Unknown


Michael Maloney Jeremy Northam Guy Henry Amy Marston Michael McElhatton Tom Payne Elliot Reeve Malcolm Storry Sean Baker Tom Beard Morfydd Clark Bill Fellows Rupert Holliday-Evans Billy Howle Ralph Ineson Alex Meraz Josef Altin Phil Cheadle Holli Dempsey Joe Dempsie Jamie Dornan Alice Englert Freya Mavor Pip Carter and 21 others


Charles Martin

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