Kidding season-1

Kidding Season 1 watch stream online free in english

In season 1, Jeff begins to push back against the limits of the well-oiled machine that is Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time. Seb begins preparing the show for a life after Jeff. Deirdre grapples with her own personal and professional life issues.


Drama Comedy

Production Year

2018 - Unknown


Jim Carrey Frank Langella Catherine Keener Judy Greer Cole Allen Juliet Morris Justin Kirk and 4 others

Ex Producer

Raffi Adlan Michel Gondry Jason Bateman Jim Carrey Jim Garavente Michael Aguilar and 3 others

1 Green Means Go
2 Pusillanimous
3 Every Pain Needs a Name
4 Bye, Mom
5 The New You
6 The Cookie
7 Kintsugi
8 Philliam
9 LT. Pickles
10 Some Day