House of Cards season-5

House of Cards Season 5 watch stream online free in english

Season five picks up where season four left off: in the midst of a tense presidential election that puts the Underwoods on the same ticket against energetic Republican upstart Will Conway. Viewers will see how their heated campaigns play out as well as which alliances dissolve in the aftermath. Perhaps the biggest question is if Frank and Claire’s relationship is among them.



Production Year

2017 - Unknown


Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Michael Kelly Dominique McElligott Patricia Clarkson Neve Campbell Jayne Atkinson Boris McGiver Joel Kinnaman Campbell Scott Korey Jackson Damian Young James Martinez and 10 others

1 Chapter 53
2 Chapter 54
3 Chapter 55
4 Chapter 56
5 Chapter 57
6 Chapter 58
7 Chapter 59
8 Chapter 60
9 Chapter 61
10 Chapter 62
11 Chapter 63
12 Chapter 64
13 Chapter 65