Everything Sucks! season-1

Everything Sucks! Season 1 watch stream online free in english

It's 1996 in a town called Boring, Oregon, where freshman Luke and his friends Tyler and McQuaid join the AV club to become friends with Kate, the Principal's daughter. They also make some enemies with the members of the drama club, only saved and survived by making an intergalactic space movie.


Drama Comedy

Production Year

2018 - Unknown


Jahi Di'Allo Winston Peyton Kennedy Patch Darragh Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako Quinn Liebling Elijah Stevenson Rio Mangini Sydney Sweeney and 5 others

Ex Producer

Ben York Jones Michael Mohan Josh Appelbaum André Nemec Jeff Pinkner Scott Rosenberg and 3 others


Amey René Megan Rosenfeld

1 Plutonium
2 Maybe You're Gonna Be the One That Saves Me
3 All That and a Bag of Chips
4 Romeo & Juliet in Space
5 What the Hell's a Zarginda?
6 Sometimes I Hear My Voice
7 Cheesecake to a Fat Man
8 I Just Wanna Be Anybody
9 My Friends Have Been Eaten by Spiders
10 We Were Merely Freshmen